POS System Referral Fees Increased to $300!

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moneyI’m pleased to announce that I will now be personally paying $300 per approved POS referral going forward instead of the original $150. Refer 5 merchants by the end of 2013 and receive an extra $300 ($1,800 total for 5 referrals)! It doesn’t matter if you are a client of mine, a restaurant consultant, or business partner. Please know that this offer is not being made by Harbortouch’s corporate headquarters, but only by me. You’ve reached my own personal Harbortouch website. All referrals must go through my office to receive credit. If you know someone who might be interested in our POS system with whom I should call, please send me their information. If you would like to form some type of partnership with me for your clients, please contact me as well.

- Curtis Stevens
Independent Harbortouch Dealer