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Other POS companies make money selling equipment. At Harbortouch, we are a credit card processor. Our business model is to invest $1,000's into your business by providing the equipment at no up-front cost to you. This gives us a shared interest in your success. The more business you do, the faster we recoup our investment from the processing fees. This means we are continuously improving our system with more features that will increase your sales! Just to give you an example, we are now offering Tabbedout.com, a free mobile app that allows your customers to pay their bill with their smart phone.


HARBORTOUCH - The Everything's Included Plan
No up-front cost. $3,500 - $7,000 PER POS system.
Programming, on-site installation and unlimited software training included. Typically offered at an additional cost.
Lifetime 24/7 technical support included. IF available, typically offered at an additional cost.
Lifetime replacement warranty included. You are responsible for any replacement costs.
Software upgrades are included. Typically offered at an additional cost.
Free online back-office - manage your POS from anywhere through the Internet. Limited to a dedicated back-office PC, which adds an additional cost.
Free built-in reservation system - online or in person. IF available, typically offered for hundreds per month.
Free 30 day risk free trial (eligible merchants). Typically not offered.
We, as a credit card processor, are continuously improving our system with more money making features. The more successful you are, the faster we receive a receive a return on our investment. Profit is made up-front on the sale of equipment. They have no connection or invested interest in your sales or success.
Since we are the credit card processor and POS provider, there's only one hand in the pot. You have two companies that must make a profit, POS provider and credit card processor.
Highest quality hardware & state-of-the-art software. Varies by company.
Remote daily backup included for ultimate reliability. IF available, typically offered at an additional cost.
50 free full-color custom gift cards. Gift cards may be available for an additional cost.

  • $0.00 upfront. Basic hardware, software and everything mentioned above included for FREE!
  • $69/mo per station for lifetime replacement warranty. (+$20/mo tech support fee)


We will match or beat any offer. Period.


My name is Curtis Stevens and I am an independent sales agent for Harbortouch. All merchants must sign up through a Harbortouch sales agent, such as myself. I encourage you to check out my Facebook page for more info. I have been in business for 14 years, and have a track record for treating my clients as if they were family. I also encourage you to check out my POS reviews as well.
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