Our POS Features Everything You Need

Get all the features your business needs and the ones you wish you had.

Robust Restaurant POS Management

  • Inventory Management

    From tracking ingredients to managing inventory, our software
    can help you do it all. It’s as quick as the way your restaurant runs. Simple and in real-time.

  • Employee Management

    When it comes to managing your employees, there is a lot more to it than a Z report. Our software helps you evaluate sales performance, track hours, calculate overtime, and much more.

  • Menu Management

    You have complete control and flexibility with your menu. You can add specials, edit menu items, and create dynamic pricing in real-time through your smartphone.

QSR contactless QR code solution

Contactless Payment Solutions

  • QR Code Ordering

    Everything is a fast pace in the QSR world. One way to keep up is by allowing guests to place an order by scanning a QR code. It goes straight to your POS and reduces your labor costs.

  • QR Code Payments

    Paying the bill can also be just as fast with QR code processing. Customers can quickly pay with their smartphones or Apply Pay.

  • Online Ordering

    Our commission-free online ordering solution allows your customers to order conveniently from their smartphones. It will work wonders for your bottom line without hiring an extra employee.

Online Ordering

  • Commission Free

    Did we say it’s free? No setup, monthly, or transaction fees. It’s time to skyrocket your sales by offering online ordering.

  • Custom Pricing

    You have total flexibility with your online menu. You can specify which items show up online vs. in-store, if the price is higher, etc.

  • Simple, Yet Professional

    You do not need to spend money on a website design firm. The setup process is super straightforward. It’s custom with your branding, so the guest experience is seamless from your site to ours.

Online Ordering Mobile Phone
POS analytics & reporting

Analytics & Reporting

  • Sales Reports

    Sales reports will give you actionable insights into what you’re selling.

  • Menu and Product Mix Reports

    Know what you’re selling precisely, when, and by how much. This incredible insight will guide you on areas that need improvement so you can help grow your sales.

  • Labor Reports

    Payroll is one of the most significant expenses for any restaurant. If you are not careful, your payroll costs can go up as fast as you serve your food. Thankfully, we provide the tools and reports you need to manage and keep your costs down.

  • Loads of Reports

    We provide plenty of reports for all areas of your operations, so you have the tools you need to 10X your business.

Online Back Office

  • POS Management

    Manage every aspect of your POS through the web, from menu changes to creating discounts and specials.

  • Employee Management

    From creating employee schedules to managing job-based permissions, you can delegate responsibilities with complete business oversight.

  • Customer Engagement Tools

    Drive in more business by collecting customers’ information so you can create personalized promotions and email marketing campaigns.

Lighthouse online back-office

Installation, Training, & Support

  • Onsite Certified Installers

    Our highly trained, certified technicians will come onsite to install every POS system. You can rest assured you will receive a superior installation experience. You are in good hands when you choose Harbortouch.

  • Comprehensive Training

    We provide comprehensive remote training for as long as you need it. We do well when your business thrives. So we are here for you every step of the way to ensure everyone’s success.

  • Unparalleled Support

    Our in-house customer service and technical support teams are available 24/7/365, from troubleshooting to sending out hardware swaps. Everything is done in-house with speed and service.

All-in-One POS Platform for One Price

Our plan includes basic hardware, software, programming, and installation, all for one price. Check out our pricing, and let’s start your 30-day risk-free trial. If you don’t start today, you have nothing to lose but extra profits.

pos system with cash drawer printer