SkyTab Glass Tableside Ordering is the New Era

Our tableside devices allow your servers to ditch the old guest checks and enter the orders directly into the POS while at the table.

The tablet has an app that mirrors the interface of the POS Software. It’s fully integrated within the POS system and is like carrying around an actual workstation in your hand. The orders go directly into the kitchen as if entered into a POS workstation. As you can imagine, this produces all sorts of benefits for your business.

  • Quicker table turns to allow you to seat more people on a given day
  • Considerable improvements to the ordering process by eliminating employee error from handwriting tickets

  • Increased server speed which makes for more satisfied customers
  • Less food waste by reducing communication errors between the servers and the kitchen
  • A unique and modern dining experience that will surely impress your guests
SkyTab Glass Tableside Ordering Server
POS Hardware

All-in-One POS Platform for One Price

With our plan, you pay nothing upfront and only a small monthly fee for warranty and support. It includes basic hardware, software, programming, and installation for one low price. You can obtain more details on our pricing plan below. With our 30-day risk-free trial, what’s holding you back from giving us a test drive? You cannot afford to pass this deal up.